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   Grief can be debilitating. The loss of a loved one  due to death, injury, terminal 

     illness, divorce,  or other significant personal bereavements. Every 

     individual grieves in their own way, some experience depression, anxiety,  or 

     extreme stress while others may experience a feeling of relief, happiness, or 

     confusion.   Yet the words we say can propel us forward or backwards.  Grief is 

     universal.  No two people will grieve in the same form of fashion.  


    There is life and death in the power of the tongue.  You may or may not have heard 

     the  phrase “spilling the tea”. “Spilling the tea”  means gathering gossip! There is 

    “hot tea”,  and “cold tea.” “Hot tea” means that the gossip is really JUICY. “Cold tea” is 

    something that has been sitting for a while and it means old news, or news that is not 

    interesting anymore.   


    The goal of “Spill The Tea” is to share good gossip with widows as a means of 

    navigating a new  season.   As indicated in the scripture from James 3: 5 - 6  NIV

    you have the power to speak positivity over your life.   


     A Sunny Day Grief Counseling Service in conjunction with Cornerstone Missionary 

     Baptist Church  has been created to help widows with the process of grief, as well 

     as,  to move forward in grief and to take a step forward in living. 

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