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  • Praise Dance

  • Music & Worship

  • Mime Ministry

  • Step Team

  • Drama Ministry

  • Master's Muses

  • Media Ministry

Abundant Life Praise Dance 

Mission: To exhibit praise and worship unto the Lord through dance and liturgical expression.

Chair: Sis. Amaleyah Davis

Rehearsal: Mondays, 6:30-7:30p.m.

Music & Worship 

Mission: To oversee and direct ministering through song (vocally and instrumentally). The ministry is responsible for coordinating and discussing the application of music for the various choirs, including directing and scheduling of activities. Choirs include the Praise Team, Majestic Choir, the Sidney A. Locks, Jr. Mass Choir, the Male Chorus, Teen Voices of Victory, and the Sonshine Choir.

Minister of Music and Arts: Minister. Anthony Joyner 


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