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Wholistic Housing Ventures, Inc. is a Corporation organized as a non-profit, charitable corporation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.  It was created in January 2001 to serve as the governing body for a group of apartments known as Medical Oaks Apartments which are owned by Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church.

The mission of Wholistic Housing Ventures is to provide adequate and affordable housing primarily for our senior citizens and handicapped individuals through the provision of “senior-friendly” accommodations.  A few apartments are equipped with ramps (installed as needed).  It further seeks to promote independence and self reliance through housing and associated outreach programs, to promote and encourage, through goals of the organization, cooperation with other organizations ministering within the community as a whole and promoting community development.

The Wholistic Housing Ventures (aka WHV) Board operates as an overseer of four (4) units of apartments (A-B-C-D).  Each unit consists of eleven (11) apartments.  Residents of the 44 apartments enjoy the following amenities:  two bedrooms with one bathroom, free water and sewage, frequent lawn care, accessible to local public transportation, nearby shopping facilities, and local access to medical complexes and Vidant Hospital.  Also, these apartments are conveniently located next door to Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church to afford the opportunity to enhance and stimulate spiritual development, and to participate in the numerous fellowship opportunities offered by the church.



Housing Manager

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