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Abundant Life Praise Dance 

Chair: Sis. Amaleyah Davis 

To exhibit praise and worship unto the Lord through dance and liturgical expression.

Christian Bookstore

Manager: Denese Tyson

A church supply store that regularly stocks clergy robes and shirts, Bibles, Biblical study materials, Christian manuals, music cds, books, small musical instruments, kids/youth materials, gloves, badges, Communion supplies, Sunday School materials, tithing envelops, bulletins, and so much more. We even do custom ordering and offer charge accounts just for your church!

Budget & Finance 

Chair: Trustee Dianne Wilson

Mission: To faithfully exercise our spiritual gifts in the review, discernment, and timely presentation of various financial reports and budgets of our church; to be overseers as God's stewards and work heartily as for the Lord with spiritual sensitivity to the overall immediate and long term financial blessings, visions, and goals of the Pastor and the church; to exercise wisdom and provide financial guidance, together with the Trustees and Board of Directors, toward the effective execution of the visions and goals of the Pastor and church; to work in harmony with and report to the Trustees, Board of Directors, Pastor, and the church body as appropriate.

Media & Technology

Chair: TBA

Mission: Witnessing for Christ, edifying Christ, and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through audio and visual support, by creating and enhancing the atmosphere for free worship and praise during church services, programs and other church sponsored events.  The Communications Ministry seeks to find new and progressive ways to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Live Streaming, Digital Marketing, and other media outlets.

Daughters of Glory Book Club  

Chair: Deaconess Dorothy Jordan

Mission: To provide an avenue for fellowship and open dialogue through discussion of book selections. We meet to share our joy of reading, enjoy each other, grow in knowledge, have fun, and most of all to give God the Glory!


Chair: Deacon Michael Jordan 
Vice Chair: Deacon Frankie Dail

Mission: To provide spiritual leadership for the church and to be servants in the church in accordance with the meaning of the Word and the practice of the New Testament. This ministry is committed to serving the Lord by conducting the caring ministry of the church and being alert to the spiritual needs of the congregation.


Chair: Deaconess Dorothy Jordan

Vice-Chair: Deaconess Pam Dail

Mission: To assist the Pastor and Deacons in maintaining the spiritual health and Christian welfare of the church and to assist in the observance and preparation of the Church Ordinances. This ministry assists the Deacons in providing benevolence and/or missionary service to the members of the church as well as families in the community when and where needed.

Emergency Assistance Program

Chair: Sis. Darlyn White

Mission: To address the social and economic crisis of members of our congregation as well as residents of the Pitt County community who encounter unusual financial circumstances. Every effort is made to provide financial assistance as well as spiritual support. In addition, we make available resource lists of other community outreach programs to assist applicants during their time of need.

Evangelism Ministry

Chair: Pastor Stephen Howard

Mission: To be zealous in the cause of spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through preaching, teaching and personal witness.

Grief Share Ministry

Chair: Sis. Ophelia Thomas
Vice-Chair: Sis. Darlyn White

Mission: To provide healing following the loss of a loved one through a 13-week Bible-based program, using a workbook, weekly video, and group discussions to help to guide bereaved persons through the experience of grieving. All are welcomed, whether the loss was one day or ten years ago.

Hospitality Ministry 

Chair: Sis. Joyce Hansley

Mission: To facilitate genuine fellowship by providing food for various functions at the church.

Living Stone Women's Ministry

Chair: Rev. Carolyn Fleming Dockery

Mission: To provide opportunities for women of all ages to share the love of Christ with members of our church and with the community through compassionate acts of service and fellowship. The ministry also strives to widen our circle of friendships among women within the church family and to serve God by using our gifts for the benefits of others. We believe that through spiritual friendships, mentoring, modeling, and teaching one another, we might experience the freedom to become all that God intends us to be.


Marriage Ministry 

Chair: Bro. Marvin Hardy
Vice-Chair: Sis. Kimberly Hardy

Mission: To engage and encourage married couples in Christian fellowship for the purpose for promoting their social, emotional and spiritual growth and well-being, recognizing God first, our spouses second, and then our children.

Wellness Ministry 

Chair: Min. Steve Billingslea
Vice-Chair: Sis. Barbara Lee

Mission:  To educate and encourage our congregation and community to honor their bodies as Holy Temples and to motivate individuals to practice healthy behaviors through daily routines.  The ministry promotes Christ-centered programming, education, and enrichment activities to achieve wellness of body, mind, and spirit.

Yoke Fellow Ministry 

Chair: Bro. Charles Pierce
Vice-Chair: Bro. Lyman Boyd

The Yokefellow Ministry serves at the Green Correctional Institution

Mission: To develop personal relationships between inmates and volunteers, which will create a nurturing, non-judgmental environment in which each will feel free to examine and share their lives and thereby experience the forgiveness, healing, and power of God’s love.

Music & Worship Arts 

Mission: To oversee and direct ministering through song (vocally and instrumentally). The ministry is responsible for coordinating and discussing the application of music for the various choirs, including directing and scheduling of activities. Choirs include the Praise Team, Majestic Choir, the Sidney A. Locks, Jr. Mass Choir, the Male Chorus, Teen Voices of Victory, and the Sonshine Choir.

Intergenerational Ministries 

Mission: To enlist and train the kids, youth, teens and college students of Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church to begin a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ and a greater understanding of their role in accomplishing the Great Commission. The ministry teaches youth how to recognize the will of God in their lives and to incorporate the concepts of service, stewardship, discipleship, leadership in worship, mission outreach, and fellowship into their daily practice and thinking.

New Disciples Class

Mission: To orient new members to the God-given mission/vision of Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church in direct correlation with the Great Commission given to the Body of Christ. In addition to welcoming new members, this ministry oversees the development and implementation of new members' classes.

Nursery Ministry 

Mission: To provide ministry with excellence and efficiency to infants through age 5 in a safe and loving environment.

Parking Ministry 

Mission: To assist members and visitors in finding suitable parking for church services and other church functions. The ministry expedites the orderly and safe entering and exiting the church campus.

Personnel Ministry 

Mission: To assist the church in matters related to employed personnel. The ministry makes appropriate recommendations to the church, such as determining staff needs, employment services, benefits, salaries, job descriptions, etc.

Recreation Ministry

Mission: To provide opportunities for the church membership and the community-at-large to participate in physical activities that will promote individual/team fellowship. This ministry supplies recreation materials and equipment for all church activities and manages the gymtorium and Fitness Center.

Rehab Ministry 

Mission: To provide spiritual nourishment for patients at Vidant Medical Center each Sunday morning. Through songs, a special word, and prayer for each individual patient, this ministry reaches those who are unable to attend church services because of hospitalization.

Senior Saints Ministry

Mission: To provide spiritual elevation by way of fellowship with seniors within Cornerstone, other churches, and community agencies, primarily ages 55 and above, but not excluding others who would like to participate. The ministry provides an opportunity to educate our seniors by offering them current information relating to medical, legal, and insurance needs; to honor our seniors by giving recognition to their longevity and attempting to lift the spirits of those who are sick, shut in, or hospitalized; and to celebrate with our seniors through praise, worship, and feasting by giving thanks to God for the blessing of eternal life.

Visitation Ministry 

Mission: To provide spiritual outreach through visitation, song, and the sharing of God’s word by fellowshipping with individuals who are in the hospital, in a nursing facility, or recuperating at home.

Sunday School Ministry 

Mission: To provide a strong foundation in Christian education for all ages, developing in them a belief in God’s presence in their lives and leading them to make a full commitment to following Christ’s example.


Pre-School: 3 – Kindergarten

Primary: Grades 1 – 3

Intermediate: Grades 4 – 5

Junior High: Grades 6- 8

Senior High: Grades 9 – 12


Senior Adult

Sunrise Usher



Mission: To greet CMBC members, visitors, and guests with love and hospitality so that they will know that they are welcomed to worship God in spirit and truth. This ministry provides comfort and cares for the needs of all worshipers.





Mission: To provide transportation to Sunday morning Worship Services and other church-related activities for those who have a need. Those desiring transportation must contact the church office.

Trustee Ministry 

Mission: To be used as vessels for Christ through the leading of the Holy Spirit in making sound judgments in managing fiscal operations, giving oversight to maintenance and care of the church properties, serving as legal custodians, and promoting the unity of the body of Christ at Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church.

Welcome Ministry 

Mission: To encourage and enrich the lives of each person entering the doors of Cornerstone with a friendly welcome. The Welcome Ministry is to provide an enthusiastic, positive, spiritual, and friendly welcome to each person entering church.

Pastor Support Ministry 

Mission: Our mission is to assist, encourage, and support the pastor and the pastor’s family through prayers and tangible resources.  The Pastor Support Ministry will respond to and resolve various needs of the pastor and the pastor’s family by providing spiritual, moral and economic assistance.

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