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Elementary, Middle, Highschool & College


Elementary School 

We believe there is no such thing as being too young to learn about God. We encourage you to register your child for Cornerstones Children’s Ministry, so your child can start learning the simple truths about God through exciting worship, relevant messages, activities, and games. If you would like more information about our children’s ministry or to register, email us at

Middle School

Our prayer is that the love of God will over flow every Pre-teen/teens life that encounters Cornerstone! God's spirit will take over the lives of our pre-teens and God will be honored through their actions, words and life as they represent Christ. 

High School

We know life has its challenges especially for Teens. Our prayer is that through this ministry we are able to allow God's spirit to create a desire for teens to have a relationship with God. God will be honored through their actions, words and life as they represent Christ. Our hope is that they will develop Godly Character that will compel others to see God working in their life. 


We are Equipping our College Students to have a foundation of Christian character, moral values, and Christian behavior. They are to represent these characteristics while growing, becoming knowledgeable of Christ and becoming who God has called them to be. 
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